2009: Admission in the "Künstlerkatalog" (catalogue of artists) of Kultur-Kooperative Münster e.V.
The Kulturkatalog/Künstlerkatalog is given to cultural offices, social-cultural centres, organizers, schools, adult education centres, and libraries, companies and interested fellow citizens for free.

2009: Installation of the name "Lennart von Corvey" in a bronze name board in Bochum within the framework of "Ein Versprechen für Europa" (a promise for Europe) of the artist Jochen Gerz. Several bronze name boards are set into the tower of the Christuskirche (Christ Church) on which people publish their names and obligate themselves to give an anonymous promise for Europe. See more: www.pev2010.de


2008: Exhibition "Lebende Bilder" (living images) within the event series "Wildwuchs"
of rhenag® Rheinische Energie AG